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Beef Meatballs

Beef Meatballs

Feed your dog like family and help them live longer with our fresh, human-grade, locally made dog food. Our team loves dogs and wants to help your dog experience the health benefits of eating fresh real food.

  • Beef Meatballs: Ground beef, diced tomatoes, brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, eggs, beef liver, kale, parsley, nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, Canine Complete (vitamins and minerals)

  • Fetch chefs pack up your food and deliver it to you mid-week. For subscribers, your deliveries will happen bi-weekly or every four weeks depending on your selection. We stand behind our quality food and offer a 100% happy pup guarantee or your $ back. 

Price Options
One-time purchase
Every 2 Weeks
Subscribe & save 10% — Delivery every 2 weeks
$43.71every 2 weeks until canceled
Every 4 Weeks
Subscribe & save 10% — Delivery every 4 weeks
$43.71every 4 weeks until canceled
Find what's perfect for your pup based on their weight.
A daily serving is

11.4oz - 13.8oz

This can be served all at once or

split across two meals. 

You'll need

12.5 Pounds

every two weeks
(comes in 5 lb bags)

18-22 meatballs is equal to about 7oz of food. Feel free to put the scale away and just count them.

Ashley D.

Hunter our dog has had seasonal allergies since he was a puppy and getting him off kibble has been a night and day difference. Less itching, less vet visits and he’s at a healthy consistent weight finally.

Brad G.

One morning we introduced Fetch to Eddie by putting a topper on his breakfast. The next morning I was awoken by many Eddie kisses to get out of bed. As I prepared his next Fetch meal, the energy of him running around the kitchen and jumping up and down rivaled that of any 4-year-old waiting in line to see Santa. 

Tara T.

Finding this food for this dog has been a life changer. Lette is a bulldog so she is in love with food more than anything else but she LOVES Fetch on another level. It is noticeable how much more she loves it than anything else.  It makes me happy that she is so happy and healthy.  

How to Prepare Meatballs

Grab the appropriate amount based on your dog's weight, chop it into smaller chunks (or don't—we're not the boss of you), and then serve it as a meal or a topper.

How to Store Meatballs

When you receive your order, put what you'll serve in the first week in the fridge, and put the rest in the freezer. 

Fetch is 10% to 30% less expensive than national fresh dog food brands.

Being local means more than supporting our community.

We are able to keep cost lower by sourcing locally & delivering locally.

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