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Meet our Veterinary Board of Advisors

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Chief Medical Officer - Oregon Humane Society

Dr. Steve Kochis, DVM

“I have had first-hand experience with my own personal pets where feeding them a freshly cooked diet solved GI issues for my dog Helo. For a couple of years, I tried numerous commercially available and prescription diets and supplements to resolve issues with diarrhea and gas. I solved those problems by switching him to a fresh-cooked diet. While I had many successes with many of these other diets with my patients, I was very appreciative to have this additional option for my dog and my clients. I am even more excited to be able to support a local business and one that also supports animal welfare organizations. ” 


Cathedral Animal Hospital - Portland

Dr. Lindsay Thurwachter, DCM, CVA, CVFT

“The fundamental basics of health start with what you eat, and less processed foods are known to be better for you. The same is true for our beloved pets. I have been practicing integrative medicine for the past decade. My patients on fresh food diets have less gastrointestinal disease, are less reactive to allergies, and tend to respond better when faced with an illness. I look forward to having a local, fresh option conscious of its packaging.”


Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic - Portland

Dr. Laura Strom, DVM, CVA pending

“Intuitively, we all know that fresh ingredients provide better nutrients and contribute to better health. Likewise, the more processed the food is, the fewer nutrients available to the body. My experience in a holistic veterinary practice in the last ten years has allowed me to see firsthand the difference feeding fresh vs. dry food can make in pets' health. Because of this, I recommend fresh food daily as a part of a healthier lifestyle for my patients and as part of a treatment plan for pets with digestive, dermatologic, and even behavioral troubles. I am a true believer in feeding fresh food!”


Kenton Animal Hospital - Portland

Dr. Nikki Graf, DVM, CVA

“We have seen a trend in human diets moving away from processed foods towards whole food, diversity, and moderation. Why shouldn’t we be feeding our dogs as carefully as we nourish ourselves? Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools we have in preventative medicine. Food is medicine. I believe that feeding a diet that is fresh whole food inclusive can help prevent disease and better prepare the body to face disease. I am excited to have a local, community-driven company to recommend for my patients.”

Our recipes are also reviewed by The Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® at Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc (

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