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  • How is your food fresh?
    We only focus on feeding our pup friends in the Pacific Northwest. We source our ingredients from local vendors whenever possible. We produce our Puploaf weekly and deliver on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Puploaf will be delivered frozen, helping lock in nutrients.
  • Where do we deliver?
    We now deliver throughout Oregon and most of Washington, where we can safely deliver your pup’s food fresh.
  • Where do your ingredients come from?
    We live and work in Portland and believe in supporting our local protein suppliers and farmers. We source our beef and turkey Puploaf quality meats from local meat companies. Our vegetables, fruits, herbs, and eggs will always come from local farmers in season and locally owned distributors.
  • How did Fetch create the Puploaf recipes?
    Our Puploaf recipes result from multiple experiments with different flavors working in conjunction with our board-certified veterinary nutritionist. Each recipe was carefully formulated to meet the nutritional values established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for adult dogs. And lastly, Portland dogs had to approve of the great taste!
  • Should I refrigerate and freeze my Puploaf?
    Yes, keep it refrigerated. Our food is fresh and does not contain preservatives. We recommend placing the Puploaf you will not use in the first eight days into the freezer.
  • What if my pup wants to send the plate back to the kitchen?
    Our chefs would hate to see this happen, but we will always stand behind the quality of our product and delivery. Please message us at, and we will send you free samples of our other flavors to try and satisfy your best friend. If that does not work or is not of interest to you, we will refund your order and invite you to donate any leftover food to a local shelter.
  • Can I adjust my subscription at any time?
    Yes, you can at any time. Please email, and we will help make the changes with concerning the desired Puploaf flavor on your account page. We ask that any changes in the Puploaf flavor be made the Sunday night before your next delivery at 6 pm. This way, we can ensure we have all the ingredients necessary to meet your pup’s needs. Should you cancel your pup’s meal plan, please email and we will process your request the same day.
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