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Our story starts with Charlie

Charlie was a lively and playful dog. Sadly, in 2015 at the age of 8, he started having terrible joint pain that quickly progressed and limited his ability to walk. Concerned, his pup parents Paul and Mary took him to the vet to find that he was dealing with autoimmune health issues.

Knowing that nutrition has a huge impact on humans health, Paul and Mary set out to help Charlie by changing his nutrition. Their research and approach started to work and Charlie gained more mobility, a healthier coat, and an improved mood.


After different trials and experiments, Paul and Mary consulted with veterinarian nutritionist to develop our signature Puploaf recipes and begin offering the same food that worked for Charlie to other Portland dogs. Dog park friends who saw the change, began switching their dogs to Fetch. 


Along the way, we've hired local chefs, refined the recipe based on local veterinarian feedback, and committed to sourcing locally. We've baked and delivered thousands of Puploafs to dogs all over Portland.

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